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A Journey of Oboe Making - Biography of the Creator Jingguo Dong

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

A native of Qingdao, China, Mr. Jingguo Dong studied with Prof. Guisheng Jin and Lijia Nie at Shandong University of Arts. Later, he worked as the Associate Principal Oboist of Qingdao Symphony Orchestra. During decades of orchestral performance, Mr. Dong had come to understand the oboe through the eyes of a concert musician, something very few oboe makers are able to do.

Jingguo Dong was also an active oboe educator. His students include current Liang Wang, Principal Oboist of New York Philharmonic, Mingjia Liu, Principal Oboist of San Francisco Opera, and Xiaodi Liu, Associate Principal Oboist of Houston Symphony Orchestra. As he was teaching some of the most accomplished Chinese oboists, he also came to understand what kind of oboe truly suits the learning need of young students.

双簧管创造之旅 - DC品牌奠基人董敬国先生



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