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Launching of the DC Brand - DC 的创立

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

In May 2000, Jingguo Dong and Yiyi Chen jointly established the DC Brothers Oboe Studio. In October 2000, China produced the first D·K synthetic student-grade oboe. After 18 years of development, it went from producing 80 synthetic oboe per year to making an annual output of 3000 oboes and English horns of various models. With more than ten years of experience in making oboe, the professional-grade grenadilla Magic oboe was developed in October 2017. The design concept of this type of oboe is that the tone is natural, round, and rich in colors. It has a wide range of dynamics and and a very stable intonation range. Easily adaptable to different styles of oboe reeds, DC oboes allows musicians to pursue artistic expression free of the constrains of different schools of oboe playing.


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